Did you know...

Google indexes

less than 50% of web genealogy


If you use Google for genealogy, you're missing results

The Problem

Google tries to be comprehensive but the web is immense. They can't index everything, so they limit how many pages they index from each site - the tip of the iceberg.

The Solution

Introducing a new search engine that indexes (almost) all genealogy on the web.


Launching 2023

Comprehensive search of all things genealogy

including hundreds of thousands of genealogy websites, free books from Archive.org, free records from ReclaimTheRecords, and trees, books, and records uploaded by you.

Don't get distracted

We index only content related to genealogy.

Search names, dates, and places

Advanced AI identifies names, dates, and places on pages so you can search on sounds-like and similar names as well as nearby dates and places.

Find out when new results match your queries

Our "Pro" plan notifies you of new results.

Launching 2023

Find what you've been missing

Upload your tree
We will fully index your tree so others can find it. And we'll never charge for basic searches - your tree will always be freely searchable.

Upload records and books
Do you have records or books to share? Upload them here and we will make them freely searchable.

About us
Our developer, Dallan Quass, PhD, was CTO of FamilySearch, co-founded Junglee and Flipdog, two early web search engines, as well as WeRelate.org and GenGophers.com, two of Family Tree Magazine's top 101 genealogy websites.

Free plan: search as much as you like!
Pro plan: advanced search, notifications of new results for your queries, and more for $29.95/year.